What is MI Identity Authority?

The MI web application you are using requires you to identify yourself via the MI Identity Authority. You can do this by providing your Masdar Institute username and password. Once you have authenticated successfully, you will be able to proceed to your requested web site.

With MI Identity Authority, your single web login gives you access to many other web sites besides the one you initially accessed. In other words, this provides a "single sign on" solution for all Authority-enabled applications at MI.

Your access to Authority-enabled applications should last only until you quit your browser program. Be sure to secure your identity by quitting your browser before you leave your computer. Otherwise, someone else who uses your computer during that browser session can impersonate you on the Authority systems - both to the sites that you are using as well as to any of the other web sites that accept MI Identity Authority as an authentication authority.

What am I supposed to do?

On the MI Identity Authority Login page you can identify yourself by entering your MI username and password in their respective fields and clicking the "Login" button. Your MI username typically consists of the characters prior to @masdar.ac.ae in your e-mail address.

Help! I still can't log in!

Missing or incorrect username or password:

To authenticate to MI Identity Authority, you must provide both your username and its password. Please use the self-service password recovery by clicking here. If you have not enrolled in the password recovery, please contact the ICT Service Desk at 02 810 9999 or email ictservicedesk@masdar.ac.ae.

Enabling cookies on your web browser:

The MI Identity Authority requires that your web browser accept "cookies," small files that web servers send to your computer. MI Identity Authority uses cookies for security and verification. Having a cookie for an MI Identity Authority web site identifies you to the site and allows you to continue from one page of the site to another without having to login each time. You can usually enable cookies in the Settings or Preferences dialog of your browser.

Time expired before you were able to login:

You must enter your username and password within 5 minutes of the MI Identity Authority page loading in your browser window. After that time has elapsed, you must re-initiate the request for the web page or service you want to access by re-entering the URL in the address bar or by returning to the original site which first asked you to authenticate. Reloading the MI Identity Authority login page will not work, as you must be directed to the MI Identity Authority login page from your original application due to technology limitations.

Browser Compatibility

Make sure you are using a browser which is compatible with MI Single Sign On. The following browsers are primarily supported targets for Masdar Institute Single Sign On:

  • Internet Explorer 10.0 and greater (PC Based)
  • Google Chrome 4x.0 and greater (PC Based)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and greater (PC Based)
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or lower versions are not fully supported

If you continue to have login problems, please call the ICT Service Desk at 02 810 9999.